22 02 16 1On the evening of February 22, 2016 in the 95th year of his life, Rev. Dr. Ivan Muzychka fell asleep in the Lord in his residence at the quarters of St. Sophia Association in Rome, Italy. He was a hard-working priest, often referred to as “a humble creator of history”.

Fr. Muzychka resided at the residences of the Ukrainian Catholic University in Rome, eventually becoming the Rector of St. Sophia Church, where he worked closely with the Sisters of the Order of St. Basil the Great. At the beginning Basilian Sisters from various provinces assisted and ministered to the needs of Patriarch Josyf Slypyj as he worked to open the Ukrainian Catholic University on Via Boccea in Rome. Presently, the Sisters continue to minister at that site. Many of the Basilian Sisters met and worked with Fr. Ivan Muzychka and hold him in high esteem for his priestly work, especially, his constant dependence on God in all matters and for his fatherly care and concern for them in their community life. In the last years of his life when he needed assistance and, especially, during his recent illnesses, the Sisters diligently cared for him and helped him with all his daily needs. He was always generous in expressing his gratitude for their presence and assistance. During the Divine Liturgy at his funeral, his very close friend Reverend Dr. Ivan Dacko recalled his last conversations with Rev. Muzychka, when his friend requested that he thank by name Sisters Teodora (Betsko), Emmanuyila (Shumylo), Anhelyna (Nahornyak), Dymytriya (Tydir) and Makariya (Hlyuzdun), who were “like angels” caring for him. Our Sisters Mariela Rotzen, Nazariya Mykhaylyuk, Atanasia Anheluk, and Mahdalyna Vytvytska, as well as, all the Sisters at St. Sophia (mentioned above) and newly arrived Sr. Dariya Turkiv attended the Priestly Parastas held on February 23, 2016 at St. Sophia’s Basilica. The following day, February 25th, His Beatitude Major Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk celebrated along with numerous con-celebrating bishops and clergy, the Divine Liturgy for the Deceased, Funeral Rites,and Entombment in the crypt. A repast was held for clergy, consecrated life and special guests in the parish hall. Services and repast were attended by Sisters Lydia Anna Sawka, Mariela Rotzen, Nazariya Mykhaylyuk, Emanuela Vavrekova, Anastasia Stulkivska, Veronika Galatan (in Rome from the Ukraine mission in Athens, Greece), and all the Sisters ministering at St. Sophia’s. Sisters Sevastiyana Zinkevych and Iryneya Filipovych offered prayers and paid their respects in the afternoon before attending evening classes.

“God grant him Eternal Memory!”

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