09 08 16 1On Saturday, April 30, 2016 the Sisters at the Generalate had a day of Spiritual Renewal led by His Grace, Most Reverend Archbishop Cyril Vasil, S.J., Secretary of the Congregation for the Oriental Churches. His Grace based the morning’s reflections on a reading from Phillipians and, in light of that reading, spoke about leadership in the early Church, as well as, the understanding and pursuit of holiness.

The way to Christ is that of continued gratitude to God for received blessings – “Eucharist”. Following this path to Christ, one must choose to live a life of constant love, not just instances of expressing love towards others. This type of love requires maturity and discernment.
Finding God and living a life of holiness has always involved a certain amount of sacrifice, suffering, and self-denial. Living a life in a community allows one many opportunities to strive towards holiness. St. Paul felt that those who witnessed his sufferings and mistreatment were inspired and grew in courage and faith.


The greatest example of humility and obedience is to surrender to God’s plan and His will. Obedience is trusting in the Lord. Today, as always, the Church is called to be a sign of hope to the world, not just by believing in Christ, but in suffering and stiving to do His will.

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