02 12 16 1The regional coordinator of the Ukrainian groups of “Mothers Prayers” in Italy, Mrs. Lidia Vukovych appealed to our General Superior, Mother Dia Stasiuk, requesting that one of our Basilian Sisters attend meetings and give spiritual support to the group.  Sister Nazariya Mykhaylyuk graciously accepted this ministry.

United in prayer, we will support our children. In Italy there are 35 Ukrainian groups of “Mothers Prayers”, which is the largest organization of the UGCC in Italy. The first Ukrainian group in Italy was founded 10 years ago.  The original community is an international group, having their community prayers available and translated into various languages, including Ukrainian. Currently, the Chaplain of the Ukrainian groups in Italy is Reverend Serhiy Palamarchuk. Traditionally, the members of the group gather on Sundays to pray together and ask Our Lord to intervene for the most serious and painful needs.  The primary prayers of the mothers center on their children being guided to God.  In these groups, there is no such concept as “others’ children”, all children belong to the mothers.  Every mother prays for her own children and for all the needy children in the world.  Every group chooses a coordinator from among its members.  All Ukrainian groups in Italy have one national coordinator. Often regional coordinators or members of a group will receive a special request for urgent prayers needed for someone ill or for a serious matter.  These type of requests are forwarded to members of the group and to coordinators of other groups, so that soon there are prayers for the request coming from all corners of the world.

In February, 2015 to celebrate 20 years since the founding of the first groups of “Mothers Prayers”, there was an international convention held in the Holy Land where co-ordinators from 22 different countries met and prayed. Representatives of the Ukrainian groups were Mrs. Lidia Vukovych – regional coordinator for Ukrainians in Italy, Rev. Serhiy Palamarchuk – Chaplain of the Ukrainian groups of “Mothers Prayers” in Italy, Sister Nazariya Mykhaylyuk, OSBM – who was invited for spiritual guidance and for help with translations into the English language, Mrs. Stefania Sosnovsky – coordinator of the group from St. Sofia in Rome and Mrs. Lubov Dolyna – from Bologna, Italy. Mingling together and sharing prayers with mothers from around the world, including Russia, made this a blessed pilgrimage filled with the strength of the Holy Spirit and entrusting all to Our Lord.  The Divine Liturgy of the Byzantine Church celebrated in Ukrainian by Rev. Serhiy Palamarchuk and concelebrating priests of the Roman Church in the Church of the Resurrection over the Sepuchre of Our Lord with the participation of all the representatives of the groups of “Mothers Prayers” imbued all with a deep joy and gratefulness to God for all His blessings.  Especially moving was the sense of unity and strength experienced as each person prayed the “Our Father” in her own language – an excellent example of the unity of spirit.

All groups of “Mothers Prayers” invite parish communities to share prayer and the fruits of their spiritual experiences.

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