26 12 16 1In the late afternoon of Christmas Day, singing could be heard as a group of carolers walked down Via San Alessio to the Generalate House of the Sisters of the Order of St. Basil the Great.  Neighbors peered out their windows to see a group of young men, many in embroidered shirts, caroling and playing on instruments.

Soon the Sisters’ Generalate was filled with rousing renditions of traditional Christmas carols proclaiming the birth of Christ. Carolers – students, seminarians, priests and the spiritual director, Rev. Robert Lisseiko, OSBM, from the Pontifical Collegio Ucraino di San Giosafat - were warmly welcomed into the parlor by Mother Dia Stasiuk, OSBM, General Superior, and the Sisters living at the Generalate. After the first carol, everyone moved into the Chapel, where many other carols were sung and warm sentiments were extended. Praying before the tabernacle and the icon of the Nativity of Our Lord, a gleaming Christmas tree in the background, all were reminded of Christ’s indescribable love for humankind shown through His Incarnation. Hope and joy reverberated in the hearts of all present.
Following a group photo all returned to the parlor for more caroling and refreshments. Enjoying each other’s company, the priests, seminarians and students introduced themselves, describing where they come from, what they are studying and at which institutes. The Sisters then introduced themselves, informing as to which Provinces they belong, each explaining her ministries at the Generalate, while the Sister-students provided information about where they come from, what and where they are studying in Rome. Carols, accompanied by music, continued to ring out as all chatted and shared pleasantly. Time went by quickly and all too soon our guests needed to depart as they continued their journey to other communities, to announce in joyous song the news that “God is with us!”

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