26 12 15 1The Annual Pilgrimage of Ukrainians in Italy and Spain took place on December 26, 2015 to St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City, where all entered through the Holy Doors of the Jubilee Year of Mercy. A Hierarchal Divine Liturgy was celebrated by Most Reverend Dionisio Lachovicz and con-celebrated by Most Reverend Ireynej Bilyk and many other clergy.

The Liturgy was celebrated at the altar under the seat of St. Peter and the Holy Spirit stained-glass window. A woman’s choir from Madrid beautifully sang the responses. The thousands of gathered Ukrainians and guests were deeply moved by the service and homily. Participating in this pilgrimage were Mother Dia Stasiuk, Sr. Lydia Anna Sawka, Sr. Mariela Rotzen, Sr. Nazariya Mykhaylyuk, Sr. Emanuela Vavrekova, Sr. Atanasia Anheluk and Sr. Iryneya Filipovych.

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