11 02 17 2MOTHER MARIA OLGA was one of 10 children born to Thomas and Anna Afinec who, during difficult times, left their native Ukraine and migrated to Argentina in 1910. Olga was born on 11th September, 1919 destined to become Mother Maria.
After pastoral visitations in Argentina, Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytskyj, revealed a desire to send the Basilian nuns to the Ukrainian people.
Because of his efforts, Mother Sofronia Erdeli OSBM, and Sister Margareta Fendo OSBM arrived to Argentina from Galicia (Pidmyhaylivtsi) on the 20th August 1939.

On 16th January, 1940 the late Olga became the first candidate of the Sisters of the Order of Saint Basil the Great. On her initiation into religious life in 1940, and she took the religious name of Maria.
Mother Maria was the right hand of Mother Sofronia Erdeli in the development of our Order in Argentina.
Under her leadership, a school was built and a convent completed in Berisso, Apostoles Misiones, convent in Bowen
- Mendoza and Posadas - Misiones.
On 28th March, 1967 the first group of four Sisters, under the leadership of Mother Maria, arrived in Australia.
Mother Maria was characterized by her deep devotion to the Virgin Mary. Her spirit of self-sacrifice, humility, love, mercy and specially her spirit of prayer, made her God's faithful instrument in obtaining many graces for the Basilian Order and for the Ukrainian Church and people.
Mother Maria was always ready to help everyone, regardless of whatever situation or circumstance.
The righteous life and missionary spirit of the blessed memory of Mother Maria is an example to follow for the Sisters. We trust in her patronage from the heavenly heights for our Order, the Church and the Ukrainian people.
We thank God for His grace and blessings throughout these years of work by the Sisters for the good and the salvation of souls.
We extend our sincere thanks to the Ukrainian Church Eparchy and clergy for all the support and assistance given to the Sisters.
A special heartfelt thanks to all our benefactors, donors, supporters and people of good will, who in any way helped us develop and continue our apostolic work for the good of souls, the Church and people. May God in His generosity reward you all abundantly.
We cannot forget our benefactors, patrons, and donors who have departed from us to their eternal reward and who were the pioneers who helped and supported us during the most difficult times of our arrival in Australia and our missionary work for the good and salvation of souls. ETERNAL MEMORY!

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