15 10 16 1On October 13, 2016 the Basilian Sisters at the Generalate hosted a group of priests from Argentina who came to Rome to be present at the proclamation of seven new saints, one of whom was their Argentinian priest Jose Gabriel del Rosario Brochera.

Learning of the visit of the priests, Sister Mariela Rotzen, OSBM and Sister Atanasia Anheluk, OSBM from Christ the King Province in Argentina, gladly met the group and invited them to come and meet the other Sisters at the Generalate. During their visit the priests fondly shared their memories of working together with the Sisters at the Retreat Center in Salta, Argentina. They said they had enjoyed sharing spiritual experiences and that the Sisters always encouraged and helped them in their priestly ministries.
On Sunday, October 16 the group of 13 priests along with Sisters Mariela Rotzen and Atanasia Anheluk attended the Divine Liturgy celebrated on the Piazza of St. Peter’s Basilica. During that Liturgy seven individuals from various countires were proclaimed saints. Among the newly-named saints was the Argentinian priest Jose Gabriel del Rosario Brochera, who preached the Good News about Jesus to the poor and the sick, including lepers. He traveled throughout Argentina encouraging the development of Catholic schools and giving help to the needy who were ill during various epidemics. His priestly service focused on the sick, leading to him contract leprosy, and resulting in his loss of hearing and sight. Saint Jose Gabriel went to the Lord in 1914. The ministry of service of St. Jose is an example and an inspiration to many.

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