29 12 16 1On the evening of December 29, 2016, the Basilian Sisters welcomed to their Generalate home the Basilian Fathers who came caroling. Robust Christmas carols filled the monastery parlor and chapel. Warm and sincere traditional Christmas wishes were interspersed among the many carols.

Inviting all for supper, Mother Dia Stasiuk, General Superior, extended Christmas greetings and special blessings to the Basilian Fathers on the 400th Jubilee of the founding of the Basilian Fathers of Saint Josaphat. She mentioned that throughout history the Basilian Sisters have developed their monastic lives side-by-side with the Basilian Fathers. All changes and reforms of the or of Fathers of Saint Basil the Great have influenced and effected the monasteries of Sisters, beginning with the reform of the Constitutions by Metropolitan Benjamin Rutskyy, which was adapted for women monastics.
Throughout the evening, the spirit of Christmas permeated the atmosphere, growing as the singing of simple, traditional, ancient carols revealed the mystery and depth of the true meaning of the Nativity of Our Lord.
We thank God that we have the opportunity to gather together and glorify the Mystery of Incarnation, realizing that today in many countries, Christians are not free to celebrate and share the joy of Christmas.

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