Sharing the joyful news of the nativity of the Son of God is an ancient Christian tradition, which found in many cultures. Often carolers visit family, friends and acquaintances singing the good news and bringing joyful greetings and wishes of this glorious event.

On December 30, 2017 the Sisters at the Generalate of the Order of Sisters of St. Basil the Great welcomed the students of the Saint Giosafat Pontifical Collegio in Rome with their vice-rector Reverend Teodosiy Hren, OSBM and spiritual director Reverend Robert Lisseiko, OSBM. They joyfully praised the newborn Christ with their melodious renditions of carols in the monastery chapel and the refectory. Later, while enjoying refreshments all had an opportunity to get to know one another. The students conveyed information about where they are studying and what areas of studies they are pursuing. The Sisters shared their backgrounds and current ministry in Rome. These types of gatherings praising Almighty God and sharing our daily lives, uplift everyone’s spirit and strengthen us in the knowledge that all of us are working for the good of God’s people.

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