After participating in a community retreat with the theme “Transformation Through Humility,” conducted by Reverend Archpriest Daniel Troyan, the Sisters of the Order of Saint Basil the Great convened their annual Community Days. Held from July 5 to 7, 2017, the event comprised prayer, meetings, informative presentations, and socializing. Provincial Superior Sister Dorothy Ann Busowski greeted participants and attendees.

Following these opening remarks, Sister Joann Sosler and Sister Ann Laszok shared information about their experience during their Basilian Ukraine Volunteer Trip. Sister Ann concluded her presentation by saying that “We were blessed in many ways during our time in Ukraine but especially with such wonderful volunteers and all our benefactors who generously contributed and prayed for our safe and successful mission trip to Ukraine.
On the following day, the Sisters listened attentively to a presentation by Sister Susan Schorsten. A Humility of Mary Sister, Sister Susan served for 12 years in the ministry of leadership in her community and now serves as a consultant for the National Religious Retirement Office for eldercare planning, including assistance for multiple religious congregations. Her presentation, entitled “Growing Into Being – the Spirituality of Aging,” covered various aspects of aging and elderhood, with a focus on the spirituality of aging; change, transition, and transformation associated with growing older; and the philosophy of aging/eldercare. Sister Susan’s input was both stimulating and encouraging.
Other Community Days activities included reports and discussions on a current study of the province conducted in connection with NRRO (National Religious Retirement Office); the status of Saint Basil Academy, the Basilian Spirituality Center, and Manor College; Vocation Ministry and the continuation of our Basilian Legacy. The retreat ended with a special ritual in which each Sister promised to be ready for change and to be open to the signs of the time. All attendees and participants left with a feeling of having been informed, reformed, and ready to face the future.
P.S. Readers might be interested in knowing about other recent changes in our province, our missions and ministries, and other endeavors. To begin with, we have redesigned our website; check it out at stbasils.com. Also log onto our Facebook and twitter pages.

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