Members of the Rome Chapters participated in the traditional annual pilgrimage of “Mothers in Prayer” to the sanctuary of Divino Amore on Sunday, May 6, 2018.

Invited and accompanying the prayerful members of the organization were Sister Nazariya Mykhayliuk, OSBM, Sister Athanasius Pavliuk, OSBM, Reverend Father Efrem Konchak, OSBM and Reverend Father Kypriyan Zeykan, OSBM. The spiritual day opened with the standard prayers of the organization, followed by Divine Liturgy celebrated by Father Efrem Konchak, OSBM with a homily encouraging all in continued growth of their faith in God. Father Kypriyan Zeydan, OSBM was available for the Holy Mystery of Confession/Reconciliation. Prayers were offered for the most important intentions, which touch every human being: peace in Ukraine and in the world, the soldiers who defend their country, their families, the families and friends of the pilgrims, and for those who are gravely ill. In addition to these intentions, every pilgrim included their personal intentions from deep within their hearts, asking for help and giving thanks for blessings granted. Following the Divine Liturgy all processed to the Grotto of the Blessed Mother for a celebration of a Moleben. At the end of the day, Father Efrem anointed all participants and then Ms. Michaelina Stochanyn, organizer of the pilgrimage, greeted all mothers in anticipation of Mothers’ Day. All received a special gift of a decorated baked treat, encouraging growth in their vocations as mothers.

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