On June 20, 2019 within the walls of the Papal Oriental Institute in Rome, in the school of canon law , Sister Mahdalyna Vytvytska, OSBM defended her doctoral dissertation on the topic of “Diakonia and autonomy of monastic sisters based on the example of the Order of Saint Basil the Great in accord with Canon 415 of the Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches”.

Sr. Mahdalyna’s work was based on Canon 415 CCEC, particular law and laws of individual monastic institutes, through which she found similarities of interactions of various monastic communities with Church Hierarchy; highlighting the question of being under the authority of  an eparchial Bishop and cooperating with him regarding the apostolic works of communities; developing models of some documents, regarding this working relationship.

Supporting Sr. Mahdalyna and sharing her special day were her mother, Mrs Olha, her Godfather,  Rev. Volodymyr Bilynsky with his wife, Vera, and Sisters from her Basilian community, including Sister Lydia Anna Sawka, OSBM (Vicar General), Sister Nazariya Mykhayliuk, Sister Emanuela Vavrekova, and Sister Atanasia Anheluk from the Generalate, and from the Most Holy Trinity Province in Ukraine - Mother Danyila Vynnyk (Provincial Superior), Sister Daria Turkiv and Sister Synovia Dushna, as well as, friends from other Orders and Communities.  Other special guests included Most Reverend Archbishop Cyril Vasil’, S.J., Secretary of the Congregation for Oriental Churches, Most Reverend Dionisio Lachowicz, Apostolic Visitator for Ukrainian Catholics in Italy, Most Reverend Irynej Bilyk, Canon of the Papal Basilica of Maria Maggiore in Rome, Father Joanikij Chverenchuk, OSBM, Father Dionysiy Zavedyuk, OSBM, Father Efrem Konchak, OSBM, Father Teodosiy Hren, OSBM,  Father Serhiy Krutovskyy, OSBM, Father Roman Shupyanyy, OSBM and Father Avhustyn Shop’yak, OSBM. 

We congratulate Sister Mahadalyna on completing a doctorate in canonical law and wish her much success in her work for the glory of God and the good of His people!

More photo:  Rev. Fr. Efrem Konchak, OSBM

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