As the second day of the General Chapter began, the Sisters focused on "Desires, Dreams and Hopes." The central image was the official logo (see attached) and the theme of the XI General Chapter - "New Wine in New Wineskins." Members of the Chapter Body discussed their thoughts on these in five language groups and also in interest groups before sharing their ideas in the total assembly.

The day's process continued with Sister Dia, General Superior, summarizing her six-year report which the Sisters already read. Reflections on the report followed in groups and questions were addressed.

The next discussion time allowed Sisters to examine today's challenges with the eyes of St. Basil the Great. Sisters reported back to the assembly their lists of creative ideas.

As the day's work was nearing completion, Superiors of various communities gave their reports. In order they are Argentina, Sister Norma Roznicki, Australia, Sister Anisia Szewczuk, Brazil, Sister Maria Demetrio and Krizevci, Croatia, Sister Fevronija Rapljenovic.

The excessive heat and humidity continued today but there are promises of a cooler tomorrow!

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