The third day of the General Chapter was begun with matins in honor of St. Anthony of the Kyivan Caves, who is commemorated today on our liturgical calendar.

The words of his Troparion tell us: "Having left the world's vanity and renounced the world, you have gone after Christ through the gospel ..."

We, the Basilian Sisters, left the same cosmos of vanity and followed Christ. Every day we try to follow Him, knowing and fulfilling His will. Responding to His call and the challenges facing us, we are meeting here in Rome to address our Order’s challenges.

Before the meeting, we congratulated Mother Dia Stasiuk on her birthday.
The first point on the agenda was the Financial Report of the General Treasurer, Sr. Marieli Rottzen. By giving information about the financial state of the Generalate, Sister emphasized that "the management of finances should be such that it serves our Order.” Sr. Mariel thanked Mother Dia, all the General Councilors, all the Provinces, Vice-Provinces and Delegatures for their spiritual support, as well as their financial support.

Throughout the whole day, the Sisters listened to the provincial and vice-provincial reports, which gave them a deeper understanding of the lives, ministries and the problems encountered by each group. After the reports, the Sisters realized that it is our Basilian spirituality in the diversity of cultures that is the wealth of our Order. We rejoiced with all that God has blessed us these past six years and perceived the problems as a challenge to creatively resolve in the future, living a true gospel way of life, a life exemplified by the Holy Trinity.

At the end of the day, the Sisters had an opportunity to discuss the reports in international groups.

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