Nuns and Missions


In 1935, the Basilian Sisters came to Hungary from Uzhorod, the Zakarpatia region of Ukraine. In a short time after their arrival, they founded a separate monastery and novitiate in Mariapocs. In 1938 novices pronounced first vows.

Sisters took care of the shrine and the pilgrims in Mariapocs. They established an orphanage, made vestments and worked with youth. In 1945, monasteries were opened in Satoraljaujheley and in Hajdudorog also with a boarding school for girls.

In 1950, when the communist government took over Hungary the community was disbanded. Twenty-four Sisters and four novices were forced to leave their monasteries and everything in them. In keeping with the Soviet government decrees, they wore secular garb. Some Sisters found positions as cantors or sacristans; others worked in public places. Four Sisters served in the Seminary in Nyiregyhaza. The police spied upon them and often took them to headquarters for questioning. Any communication between Sisters and the clergy was difficult.

With the demise of the Iron Curtain, Sisters returned to their monastery in Mariapocs, resumed their community life and loving service at Mary's shrine. Basilian Sisters minister in Budapest and Nyjregyhaza. Sisters have nursing homes for elderly people in Satoraljaujhelej, Mariapocs and Hajdudorog..


Most of the Basilian Sisters in Hungary live and minister at the main monastery near the shrine to the Mother of God in Mariapocs. Sisters spend the better part of the day in prayer, which commences in the morning with Matins and finishes in the evening with Compline. Sisters spend intermittent t?me performing their particular work. Community life gives the Sisters an opportunity to fulfill the command of Christ, to love one’s neighbor.
In addition to Mariapocs, Sisters are also ministering in Budapest, Nyiregyhaza and Satoraljaujheley. Sisters perform the following ministries with dedication:
Care for the Dormition of the Mother of God Shrine in Mariapocs and the pilgrims
Serve as sacristans
Run the Religious Goods Shop in Mariapocs
Care for elderly ladies and administer, Saint Macrina Nursing Home, in Mariapocs
Translate books and materials into the Hungarian language
Catechize and prepare children for the reception of the Holy Sacraments
Pastoral work in parishes
Administer Saint Ann’s Nursing Home for men and women in Satoraljaujheley
Care for the beauty of churches
Provide various services for the Eparchy

During the summer months but especially on the feast of the Dormition of the Mother of God in August, Sisters are busy with pilgrims at the Shrine of the miraculous icon of the Mother of God, in Mariapocs. People come to the Mother of God with love and faith, presenting their spiritual needs, interceding the Virgin for her protection, assistance and intercession before her Son, Jesus.

The many hours dedicated to singing the Divine Praises and profound prayer of Sisters radiate to God’s People in charity, compassion as well as concern for their spiritual and material welfare.

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