05 02 16 1Sophia Lada wrote the icons gracing the walls of the Chapel in the Generalate of the Sisters of the Order of St. Basil the Great in Rome, Italy. During 75 years of her hard-working life, the artist accumulated a large expanse of cultural and artistic projects covering a multitude of venues in addition to icons and paintings, including fashion designs, illustrations, book graphics, manuals, decorations and even toys. Lada’s works were showcasedin numerous exhibits.

After graduating from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts (USA) she worked in a museum, where she was also a member of artistic commissions. She was also an assistant to reknown iconographer Sviatoslav Hordynsky (1976-1977). In 1981 she moved to Canada, where she continued her artwork, took part in various international exhibits of Ukrainian artists and other exhibits. For further information on Sophia Lada, visit the website:

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