sv VAsylij

St. Basil the Great
(327 - 379)

The Father of monastic life within community

Born in 329 AD in Caesarea of Cappadocia (Turkey).
Finished rhetorical studies in Athens, Greece.
Followed an ascetic way of life, Founder of monastic community life, writer of rules.
Bishop of Caesarea, established Basiliada a small city of social help for the poor, sick, traveling and needy people. Defender of Faith, fought the Arian heresy.
Died in 379.


“I consider that life passed in company with a number of persons in the same habitation is more advantageous in many respects. My reasons are, first, that no one of us is self-sufficient as regards corporeal necessities, but we require one another’s aid in supplying our needs.”
St. Basil the Great

sv Mokryna

Our Holy Mother Macrina
(324 - 380)

A model for consecrated persons

Born in 324 AD as the first child of the family.
Sister of St. Basil the Great.
Her example inspired Basil to live a perfect christian life.
From a wealthy family she lived in company of the poor as one of them.
Her life of the prayer and service to the needy inspired others.
Died in the 380 with unceasing prayer on her lips, in the presence of her brother St. Gregory of Nyssa.



"Who would not exalt you, angelic virgin, joy of parents and a guide for your brothers, teacher of sisters and virgins, mother of orphans and widows, comforter of the hungry, refuge of the abandoned and strength of weakened. You became all for each one, so you could gain them all for Christ; ?h most zealous. Therefore, your divine Bridegroom has glorified you and has crowned you with an unfading wreath in heavenly glory.” Sticheron

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