logoThe emblem of St. Basil the Great shows a pillar of flame, rising from the earth and reaching to heaven. Encircling and framing the flame are two branches, one laurel, the other oak. 
They are joined at the top by a stylized sun, which partially frames a cross. Below the cross are the Greek letters IXC, which stand for Jesus Christ, Son of God.

For the Sisters of the Order of St. Basil the Great, the seal is a symbol of vision and mission.
IXC stands for Jesus Christ, the light of the World.
The Sunilluminates the road the sisters follow.
The pillar of firesignifies St. Basil's firm faith and intense love of God and all the people. It embodies the sacrifices and labors that the sisters undertake in God's name.
The oak branchstands for courage, fortitude and perseverance.
The laurel branch represents the peace of Christ; love of knowledge and wisdom; victory and eternal glory as the reward for a life spent in service to God and humanity.

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