14 11 16 1On November 14th we begin the fast of Philip, a time of forty days of preparation for the feasts of Nativity and Epiphany of Our Lord, Jesus. In Bethlehem’s cave is born Jesus, the Light of the World, who conquers the darkness of sin. The angels sing of His coming, the shepherds adore Him and the wise men bring Him gifts and pay Him homage.

In our time, we too find ourselves in the shadows of a doubtful future, wars, and the tremors of political events. Reflection on the mysteries of Christ’s nativity and His baptism renew hope in the One who is the fulfillment of all hope. Christ, God Incarnate, is with us! His presence awaits our recognition that He is here and now, in all the events of our time. May we enter this time of God’s grace with a humble heart and say: Illuminate with the light of your coming our world and enlighten our hearts in your glorious Nativity and Epiphany.

m. Dia Stasiuk, OSBM

General Superior

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