The afternoon of December 28, 2017, the Generalate House of the Order of Sisters of St. Basil the Great in Rome filled with the members of the Generalate of the Basilian Fathers, who live around the corner on St. Josafat and the Aventino Streets.

Among the many Fathers and Brothers present were Archimandrite Very Reverend Father Genesio Viomar and General Councilors Reverend Fathers Joanikij and Dionysiy Zavedyuk, as well as, house superior Reverend Mauricio Popadiuk. With resounding carols, they entered the Sisters’ parlor and then proceeded to the chapel. After a few carols and Christmas greetings, all were invited to the refectory for dinner, which was accompanied with interesting conversations and the continued joyful singing of carols. With a pleasant and festive atmosphere, the afternoon passed quickly, leaving fond memories in everyone’s heart.

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