Basilian Sisters from the monastery in Slovita, Halychyna (Ukraine), arrived in Krizevci in 1915 to begin apostolic work among the Ruthenian and Ukrainian people settled in Croatia. A few years after, in 1917, Mother Anna Teodorowycz became their first Ihumenia (superior). In 1920 Bishop Dionysius Narjadi, sought ways to extend his pastoral care to various Slavic peoples of the Byzantine Rite, invited the Sisters to Sid, Serbia. He offered them the bishop's residence and entrusted them with the upbringing and education of orphans. This first community in Sid became the nucleus of Saint Michael the Archangel Province.

Prior to World War II, Sisters were engaged in apostolates near their monasteries not only in Sid, but also in Miklusevci and Osijek. During the war, monasteries, girls' dormitories and schools were closed. For self-support, Sisters sought work as laborers in the fields. In time, they were able to work in hospitals.

In the past decade, Basilian Sisters have undergone much suffering and uncertainty due to the prolonged struggle caused by the break-up of Yugoslavia. In Prnjavor, Bosnia, where the entire community had so joyously celebrated the Millennium of Christianity in 1988, Sisters lived through the horror of seeing the newly constructed Church bombed. In Osijek, Sisters had to rebuild their monastery and nursery school. In 1992, when the Church in Ukraine came out of the catacombs, Sisters established a mission in the capital city of Kiev. The indomitable spirit of faith in God, continues to guide the Basilian Sisters in their service to the Church and the struggling humanity.


The Sisters have built their monastic life on prayer, dedication to God, communal life and daily service to one another. Their ministry to the Church and the People of God flows from this spiritual source. Their missionary work in parishes of the former Yugoslavia is slowly reemerging.

In addition to their ministry Sisters cultivate vegetable gardens by the monasteries. Gardening helps them to sustain themselves.


Is the seat of the Province government, which consists of the Provincial and her Councillors. Those who enter the monastery receive their spiritual training at the monastery in Osiek

The kindergarten, “God’s Providence” is located on the monastery grounds. In addition to educating children at the school, Sisters teach singing and catechize.Sisters engage in the art of sewing beautiful church vestments for use in the Byzantine Catholic Church.

Slavonski Brod

The community’s main ministry is catechization and care of the Church where they serve as sacristans and cantor during liturgical services.


The community in this monastery consists of Sisters who work in the nearby hospital as nurses and Sister-students who frequent institutions of higher education. Sisters also provide secretarial services.


In addition to services to the Church as sacristans, Sisters sew vestments and cultivate a garden.

Kiev, Ukraine

Sisters are involved in pastoral work, which includes catechizing adults, preparing children to receive the sacraments, working with youth, etc. 

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