06 07 17 2The Basilian Sisters Governance Commission met at the Generalate in Rome from June 5 to 9, 2017. Members of the Commission once again reviewed the X General Chapter’s mandates, shared their impressions and findings gleaned during the presentations of possible governance models in our provinces, Vice Provinces and Delegatures.

Special attention was given to the Government chapter in our KENOTIC WAY and General Directory pages 31 to 34. Proposals to the next General Chapter were constructed to address the changings reality of our Order’s membership. These were forwarded to the General Administration to give to the 2019 XI General Chapter Preparatory Committee.
Sister Dia thanked the Commission members for their selfless efforts to carry out the Chapter mandate well, Sisters Dorothy Ann Busowski and Susan Sisko for co-chairing the Commission’s work and Sisters Barbara Jean Mihalchick, Josifa Simova and Vasylia Strutynska for their insightful, constructive and caring participation in all deliberations. A letter from the Commission has been prepared and sent to all the major superiors of our Order summarizing the work that has been done.

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