The day began with Divine Liturgy and prayer sung by the Sisters from Slovakia in Old Slavonic. Father Mark who works at the Oriental Congregation served the Liturgy.

The first work of the day was to complete the proposals and recommendations with discussion and votes. After a coffee break Sister Susan Sisko presented the report of the Financial Commission which reviewed the General Administration’s records of the past six years. All was approved; Sister Susan and the Sisters commended Sister Mariela Rotzen, Econome, for her precise work. A meeting was planned for later in the day between the Provincials and the General Superior to prepare for the future financial needs.
Reports from the theme groups followed. Sister Miriam Claire Kowal reported on the Community Life theme; Sister Susan Sisko gave the results of the Formation group; Sister Ruth spoke about Communication and Collaboration; Sister Ihnatiya reported from the Finance committee, and Sister Innokentiya gave the report of the Government group.
The facilitator then asked for volunteers to create a vision statement from all the work of the Sisters on the themes and the matters of the Chapter. Sister Miriam Claire Kowal, Sister Margaret Hutnyk, Sister Barbara Jean Mihalchick, and Sister Valentina Hadarau offered to serve and prepared a draft.
Frances Heery, Facilitator, presented a power point teaching about leadership styles of today in preparation for a day of discernment tomorrow, the day before the election of the new General Superior.
During supper there was a lovely celebration thanking the outgoing General Administration for their six years of guiding the Order. Sister Margaret Ann Andrako gave a congratulatory speech followed by the singing of “God grant you many years” in several languages. Each received gifts, including symbols with the words of affirmation offered by each Sister to each celebrant.

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