“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world, indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” says Margaret Mead.

These words reflect the theme of the eighth day of Chapter. The work sessions began with prayer in the Slovak language. Sr. Dorothy Ann, Chairperson, read the letter from the Congregation for Oriental Churches about the approved Proposal 50 and 51.

Frances reminded the Sisters of the importance of the work of the Holy Spirit in our elections and asked us to reflect on John 20: 11-18. In this manner she led us into a time of prayer and reflection before the election. She also proposed the gospel passage of the loaves and fishes where the gifts were small and few in number but God used this meager human gift for His glory and for the good of humanity. The Lord needs our participation, whether small or great.
He accepts what we offer sincerely and transforms them.

The Sisters' started their reflections in Chapel asking the Lord for a deeper communion with him so they can discern his will.

Afterwards the Sisters began the respectful listening process about who might be the best leader of the Order. Before lunch the Sisters again gathered in Chapel where each Sister submitted her nomination on paper. After lunch the delegates acquainted themselves with the nominees and again retreated to listen to each other and the will of God.
After some reflection, the Sisters reviewed and commented on the draft of the Vision Statement. The committee was asked to incorporate the suggestions in the next draft. Bishop Georgio Demetrio Gallaro, Bishop of the Italian-Albanian Eparchy, joined us for supper. Supper continued on the terrace with the celebration of feast days and birthdays of Sisters celebrating in July. The festivities included a visit from a faux Papa Francisco, dancing plus cake and ice cream.

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